Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is back with a new single that seems to be the start of a new musical direction. The new vibe entitled “Watch Me” has all the makings of an artist in the beginnings of their evolution. Since Smith has recently celebrated his nineteenth birthday, perhaps this new track is the tip of the iceberg; in what’s yet to come.

Smith’s lyrical style has always been that of a maturing, weird and philosophical teenager. He’s full of the normal and sometimes not so normal teenaged angst that a member of the Generation Z are starting to share. Though his music is often very reflective, whimsical and spacey providing a new view of hip-hop to come.

“Watch Me” includes the classic nuances of early aught rap we’d hear from the likes of Kanye West or Kid Cudi, whom befittingly can create music that’s a little peculiar, flamboyant and ultra-cool.

Not new to music having been rapping solo, with his sister Willow Smith and on numerous features including some of hip-hops most popular rappers of today. Like Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator all throughout his teen pubescent years— his move to a more serious approach to hip-hop was bound to happen. The new single is infused with rock and a hard gritty beat; taking a page out of Yezzus hard hitting track “Black Skinhead,” it goes in. Smith budding into something we’re all eager to see. Listen to “Watch Me” below.