Gavin Turek
Courtesy of @gavinturek on Instagram

From the Trump Administration to Hurricane Irma, we seem to be in a never-ending cycle of sad, well just when you think there’s now silver lining of optimism. It’s been found through the words, voice and music of Gavin Turek. The young disco queen of the 21st Century has provided us with a new track that not only uplifts your spirit, it can get you grooving. Turek’s new song entitled “Birdie Bees” is the perfect vibe when you’re in need of positive elevation, encouragement and a little faith that you can get through whatever this life of ours throws at you.

The track is a natural connection to most of Turek’s music, dance invoking and focused on the immediate goal of finding pure happiness within you or things and people around you. Her disco glimmering vibes and visuals continue to be a physical embodiment of that; just as “Birdie Bees” embodies our societal need for consideration, empathy, solidarity and love. Music has a way of healing and moving mountains, this song is a beautiful start. Listen to her new vibe below: