Jennah Bell is a quintessential artist of our millennial generation; evoking the passionate and rare energy that was the grunge era of rock ‘n’ roll. Her ability to intertwine the auras of Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Fiona Apple and the like into a soulful, jazz infused ball of sensual funk which, can be heard on her debut album Anchors and Elephants; released earlier this year. Now she’s blessed us with a new meditative rendition of alternative rock royalty, Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” produced by Ryan Lerman and Lee Pardini for Listen 2 Stories, Volume 1.

Bell’s voice greets us in this slow burning version, that drives deep into the nostalgia of the hit 1994 classic. The song is a cauldron of dark and passionate emotions; and, Jennah Bell’s take not only reintroduces the track in a hearty soul-filled ballad, the acoustic cover reaches a level of purity that is captivating. While she slowly belts out the pivotal lyrics in a vintage beauty vibe, including squared frame glasses, muted mahogany lips with the cutest mellow pooch in her lap. Not many song’s can tap into the essence of my summer camp memories from the early ’90s. Yet, this cover instantly induces the sweet smell of the Pocono mountain pine trees, wearing over-sized sweatshirts with denim shorts in the early mornings and the sound of 1994.