Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

On Sunday night Beyoncé conducted another strategic triple flurry of photos from her latest internet, world stopping event; that showed off not only her dazzling metallic gold gown, it also showcased Blue Ivy’s very fashionable metallic gold dress in tandem too! It was a fancy Mommy and Me moment for her mother Tina Knowles 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala fundraising event in Los Angeles, where Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z both hosted the evening’s festivities; and, where she was also honored with the Humanitarian Award, respectively. Jay-Z’s mother Gloria Carter was honored as well. The Gala is always themed for attendees to be dressed in the most artful way, much like the New York Met Gala annual event in May.

All three generations of Knowles women were dressed in metallic golds and full blooming pieces that were statements. While Jay-Z went for a black, clean cigarette suit that played perfectly in balance to Bey’s extravagant look. 

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