Coral Peña in Charlotte Olympia ostrich feather skirt and neon green sweater from RM Closet, gold chains Corals own.

What do you consider your personal style?

Well, I just cut my hair, mostly because I always felt like short hair was more my personality. I always felt like my long hair said something about me before I even spoke. Especially, being a Latin woman in the industry. If you have long hair they’re going to put you in something where you are going to be sexy, and I do not think of myself as sexy in that way. I feel sexiest when I feel like I am really expressing myself. I love my short hair because it allows all the focus to be on how I decided to present myself that day and not focused on my hair.

Doing my hair used to take over an hour of my life, and honestly I’d rather spend that time on something else. I was just tired of curling and straightening my hair in a way that I feel like would be considered ‘beautiful’. I feel a lot more beautiful when I just get to be myself. My short hair right now is reviving my self worth and I LOVE it!

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Who is your favorite designer or designers to rock?

I LOVE Eva Fontanelli! She’s an Italian fashion editor and stylist. Every time I see her in an outfit I just think “That’s what I wanna look like!”

Just because I respect him so much, I love Dapper Dan. He’s from Harlem. I really just look up to him so much.

I’m a big Chanel fan. I love Chanel it’s very feminine, very fun but, it can be very sleek too. I feel like a woman who can rock Chanel exudes confidence. I don’t care what body shape you have, whether tall or short, or even what your hair looks like. If you have the confidence to walk into a room wearing Chanel, and not in a way that’s like “look at me I’m wearing a designer brand” but like you just woke up and put it on, that’s what I feel like I aim to be.

Your favorite type of bag to carry?

I just bought a bag from Italy its real leather, no brand name on it. It’s a simple, beautiful, dark blue color. A thick snakeskin texture with a double gold chain.

What are 5 beauty or style items in your bag right now?

1). Right now I’m obsessed with colorful eyeliner…so electric blue eyeliner, purple eyeliner, orange, mint. I love good eyeliner.

2). I have oily skin, so I love something that will combat that. I have a Fenty Beauty translucent powder that I like a lot.

3). On my lips I like a slight shade, pinker or a little lighter than my natural lip. I have a Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia and pomegranate.

4). I love Vitamin E oil. After a few days on set I’ll put it on my face at night and the next morning my skins really supple.

5). I love a good head-wrap. My roommate got me this little scarf for my birthday, which was so nice and very thoughtful. One of the reasons I got short hair was so I could wear more head-wraps. I love them!

What is that one forever piece in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

I got this dress from Zara, and I love it. It’s black lace and has beading it’s beautiful. It feels very Latin inspired; it feels like something Frida Kahlo would have worn. And, I love it and want any excuse to wear it. If someone said, give me example of one dress that would define your style? I can probably take a picture of this dress and say, “this is how I like to dress myself.” It’s not an everyday dress and it’s not a red carpet dress. It’s really its own thing.