Donald Glover

Alexa play “I Want You,” by Marvin Gaye…

The midsummer heat in Los Angeles is finally climbing to the sweltering temps, we’ve all been silently dreading. Not to mention, the earth quakes! While our small team at Rebel Muse is working on rebranding and preparing to relaunch this fall; I could not let this dreamy style filled story pass by.

Disney’s The Lion King live action movie is set to premiere next week, and the press tour has been exciting to say the least. Especially, for Donald Glover who plays the voice of adult Simba, alongside Beyoncé (adult Nala). Which, has been a fascinating and albeit dapper encapsulation, of what I’ve pictured my future husband would look and dress like. Also, assuming this is the year 1975 and were young thirty-somethings. Glover has fully taken on his new vintage style persona, that started with his 2016 LP ‘Awaken My Love!’ and, amped it way up. While he peruses the red carpet in a cream and stripped seersucker suit, a well-oiled coif and sunburnt zaddy beard. Then he was spotted walking the concrete city streets in head to toe silk floral coordinates, with a pair burgundy butter leather loafers; completing the look with two gold chains and exposed chest hair. #Hello.

Glover’s been able to maintain a vintage yet, modern and classy take on an era that was undeniably meant for his presence. Shirt off or on, afro hair coiffed or wild and free, his Cheshire grin and marvelous, stylish quirky appeal sends so many of us swooning for more. No word on that “final album,” that’s been buzzing around the inter-webs, since last year. Though, the consolation of no Childish Gambino music at the moment in exchange for his voice and vocals as Simba plus, these scene stealing looks is quite the prize. We’ll take what’s given and deal…pleasurably and accordingly. See some of his most dapper looks of the week below: