Diana Ross June 1975 in San Diego, CA— Photo: Getty Images

The summer of COVID-19 may have many of us fleeting, trying to scrounge together pieces of the summer we can manage to muster up through stay-at-home ordinances, avoiding crowded beaches, planes and restaurants (even with outdoor seating). How can this be summer? The one thing we all have in common is we are truly all in the same boat…if you care. Which, means if you decide to go to the beach you arrive in the morning to miss any possible crowds or you take a walk in the park using serious social distancing or, you park your derrière on your balcony or patio for the sun to beat on you like you were abroad on a secluded island.

It’s really whatever works these days and what goes in tandem with any of those “staycation” options? The perfect summer straw hat. Aptly profiled by a forever Fraîche Woman Diana Ross while at Pro Valley Ball tournament in 1975, the straw hat can be quite the statement as proof Ms. Ross wears a bold red pout, faux-real lashes and a monochrome pattern scarf for some extra metropolitan flare. Take a swipe below at some of the coolest straw toppers to rock this summer, whether on your rooftop patio or your backyard oasis.

Straw hats for the staycation flex: