Quarantine Scents for Everything at Home, Fraîche Media

While many of us remain in some type of quarantine and yes, the world is on currently fire as we forge ahead to search for some semblance of normalcy, in small ways. The new ritual of sheltering in place or being quarantine mindful, means the scent of our homes should be joyful, serene and consistent for our daily sanity. Learning what scents work on a daily basis from room to sleep is a serious task and should be taken with the upmost care. This has everything to do with self-care and enriching your home (wherever it may be) and your overall scent palette, with notes that evoke the warmth of the end of summer into the coming autumn chill.

Below are some of our favorite scents we’ve been obsessed with from candles that are perfect for any room to pillow spray which, we can all use for calm before bedtime; to hand wash we all should be using as much asa possible to keep clean and safe. Swipe now for some inspiration in your own scent exploration.