Fraîchescopes, Pre-Spring 2020 Nail Lacquers

The pre-spring season is upon us and so is the changing of the moon and planets as it goes. Mercury in Retrograde started February 17th and last until March 10th (yes it’s here again), along with a loaded season of an epic Eclipse’s and planetary movement. Your emotions will need to be put in check and  stabilized for your life’s shifting trajectory. For a more successful spring season to come choosing the right colors in your personal style and beauty are always a guiding asset in the decisions we make and those hue choices can effect how we feel on a daily basis. Check out the nail lacquer colors you should be trying next season, according to your star sign.

Aries (The Ram) -You’re “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T” Queen of your own galaxy and all that you attract in it. Although, your creative and aggressive spirit of could use some renewed femininity and calm for pre-spring; try a smooth shade of lavender or a muted  pink. We’re pretty sure Mariah Carey would approve!
Shop Your Color:: Smith & Cult, Powder Posse, $18.00, Deborah Lippman, Genie in Bottle, $18.00, Nars, Deep Smoky Lavender, $18.00

Taurus (The Bull) – The bull who takes no bullshit, loves to love and to indulge in the finer more pleasurable things in life. With your keen tactical brain and love for the coin$, going into the spring season it’s all about stacking even more, and luxuriating in ones own luminosity. Therefore, a blood orange or passionate ruby red will suit your witty personality.
Shop Your Color:: Tom Ford, Carnel Red, $36.00, Chanel, Le Vernis, Gitan, $28.00, Static, Cuban Cherry $16.00

Gemini (The Twins) -Your dual spirited personality keeps the people around you compelled and in awe of your often creative brilliance. Yet, to a fault  of your own , your sometimes blithe nature may need a wrangling in and a steadier head could prove more useful. In the new autumn season to come, a soft cashmere or light cloudy blue hue can redirect your fidgety duality, to a more relaxing and strategic zone.
Shop Your Color:: Nails Inc, Regents Place, $15.00, Smith & Cult, Exit The Void, $18.00, Chanel, Le Vernis, Bleu Pastel, $28.00

Cancer (The Crab) -Your soft and pink nature hidden by that hard external shell could use some major self-care time. With all those to-do lists and iCals you have that keep you going, the flare for unique individuality is required in order to step away from your sometimes monotonous and prudish nature. The incoming renewing sun of spring will provide you with the colors of metallic gold, or bold coral which, can breakout that daring part of your persona out!
Shop Your Color:: YSL, La Laque Couture in Bronze Fever, $28.00, Essie, Very Structured, $.850 , Christian Louboutin, Crosta Meteor, $30.00

Leo (The Lion)-Time to take the “Queening” to a new level and slow down a bit, we know the #FOMO is real with your audacious personality, in order to leave no stone un-turned. The natural leader in you wants to rule everything, preparing for the new season includes getting organized in your strategy and overall outlook for your next moves. Which means a nude hue, taupe or mustard yellow can assist in reassuring your impatient nature, and that it’s okay to be still and in the moment.
Shop Your Color:: Tom Ford, Sugar Dome, $35.00, Static, Caramel Latte, $16.00, Nails Inc, Living Your Best Life, $11.00

Virgo (The Virgin)Dahling, there is much to do and so much to think about, right? Ms. Perfectionist—control and being a realist is your namesake. With your crown of femininity by nature allowing you to care for others in your life and maintain seemingly perfection. When entering the new spring season, take some time to have more joy and fun in your life. The color cobalt blue (you should also look into trying Pantones color of the year “Classic Blue,” too) or rose red will not only guide in furthering your pursuits and passions it will add that spunk of spontaneity you crave.
Shop Your Color:: Smith and Cult, Kings & Thieves, $18.00, Givenchy Beauty, Carmin Escarpin 09, $24.00, Christian Louboutin, Baraboum, $50.00

Libra (The Scales) – Your ever wavering heart and mind could use some steadiness as the flowers begin to bud again in the seasons inevitable change, that carefree spirit of yours can also use some tranquility. Get in tune to your emotions and focus your energy on your spiritual healing and nix the guilt with deep sea blue or muted charcoal gray.
Shop Your Color:: Essie, In Plane View, $9.00, Deborah Lippmann, Stormy Weather, $18.00, Chanel, LE VERNIS in Washed Denim, $28.00

Scorpio (The Scorpion) – Being relatively emotional can seldom get  you out of your own head and trust people. The upcoming season can be about your pursuit for a more optimistic outlook. Sensuality is a natural part of your being but, letting go to be more creative and playful is a new goal that should be set. Wrtite down some affirmations for yourself that in love and loving what you want to do. A nude hue or white will not only calm your spiky spirit, it can also tap into that more trustful hidden part of you.
Shop Your Color:: Christian Louboutin, Sweet Charity, $50.00, Chanel, Pure White, $28.00, Static, Bare, $16.00

Sagittarius (The Archer) – “Living your life like its golden,” is your soundtrack, though self-doubt can be taxing. Your bold and vibrant spirit provides all the adventure you seek in life and for your next moves. Strategy, affirmative thoughts and emotions can be your guiding path in the upcoming season of revitalization and building out your home environment. Therefore, a rich renewing green or cool purple hue can ease and sustain your uniqueness.
Shop Your Color:: Essie, Off Tropic, $9.00, J. Hannah, Artichoke, $19.00, Smith and Cult, Fauntleroy, $18.00

Capricorn (The Sea Goat) – You are a strategic planner and goal-getter by nature. Although, you can always be down for some unfiltered fun and play. Stacking that mighty dollar is the name of the game. Trusting the divine and having faith in the unseen will provide much motivation.  Stay in control with vibrant fuchsia or a deep garden green for the upcoming spring months.
Shop Your Color:: Essie, Flowerista, $9.00, Jinsoon, Love, $18.00, YSL Laque Couture, Catch Me Fuchsia, $28.00

Aquarius ( The Water Bearer) -You are the leader of your one-woman band, following only where the wind takes you.  The time is now tape into your deepest desires and you will get what you want. Awakening your free and airy soul which, provides the grounded consistency you need, in a color like vibrant teal that’s or a warm orange for some added energized stability.
Shop Your Color:: Burberry Beauty, Aqua Green No.418, $23.00, Jinsoon, Hope, $18.00, Chanel Le Vernis, Radiant Verde, $28.o0

Pisces (The Fishes)“The little bitty fishy’s, last but certainly not least”… You’re an internal thinker and with spring equinox soon approaching and now is the time to come out of your vivid dream world and blossom into an elevated change-up. Communicate with your friends and creative community to find a new broadening supportive network. A harmonious and actionable color ways like a holographic silver or a dreamy sparkling blue will do the trick!
Shop Your Color:: YSL La Couture, Studio Silver $28.00, Base Coat, Satellite, $18.00, Ciaté London, Supernova, $14.00