Namaste Nail Sanctuary

I am always on the prowl for new beauty experiences, especially in my neighborhood of Studio City, California (it’s basically at the end of the Valley before you get to Hollywood). It’s a nice area, with well-to-do millennials and young professionals and families living here; with middle to high-level salary brackets. Which has allowed and provided cool new niche stores, eateries and salons to pop-up. Much like the new salon or as they are called Namaste Nail Sanctuary; which I experienced during the week of their soft opening. They have just officially opened as of April 1st and I can’t wait to go back for another appointment. This nail sanctuary is all about manicures and pedicures (yes) but, also about your emotional and meditative experience and well being as whole.

Namaste Nail Sanctuary Front Reception Area

My Experience
When I walked into the front reception area, I was greeted by the sound of trickling water and smiling faces. Then someone escorts you to the main suite where all the nail upgrading is done. I sat down in a comfortable roomy leather chair and my nail technician Rachel gave me the low down on what would happen during my manicure session; special headphones with soothing music and woodland sounds play, while I’m wearing special glasses that flicker small flashes of red/orange lights on my eye lids as Deepak Chopra speaks to me about the journey I am preparing to go on.  It’s all exactly as it sounds… this is simultaneously happening while my manicure is in session.

It took a few seconds to get acclimated to the glasses (and you totally don’t have to wear them). I wore them because I wanted to fully engage in the sessions experience. Once you do get adjusted, it’s a beautifully relaxing moment in time, allowing you to think or not think, mediate on your day or even just the moment.  Meanwhile, above your head if you’re not down with the glasses there are TV’s playing different cable stations at your leisureas the glasses may be disorienting to some.

Rachel spoke very calmly and sweetly during my session and was so gracious. They also serve you water that is filtered through crystals for an extra boost of mind chakras and to overall feel good (just in case you’re not sold on crystal rock powers). The water was refreshing nonetheless. 

Visit Namaste Nail Salon
12184 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

My Manicure
Namaste Nails only uses vegan lacquer preferably Smith & Cult which is pretty nice. Though, I had my mind set on using my SS18 Chanel Le Vernis lacquer in “Fiction”  I brought with me and used that instead.  Although, I will utilize their array of Smith & Cult lacuqers amongst other vegan based polishes they have on my next appointment. The salon only uses luxury skin and nail products in general and they smell heavenly. From lavender polish remover to the essential oils she massaged into my cuticles and hands that were naturally fruitfully fragrant but, not overbearing. My overall experience was meditative, serene and enjoyable. 

Namaste Nail Sanctuary─ My manicured tips with a little freehand design by Rachel on their Logo made of real Moss grass, it was so plush and vibrant.

Namaste Nails prices are moderate to pricey depending what you want starting at $50.00 (for non-members) for what they call the “Grounding” Manicure (a basic manicure including a cleansing hydrosole mist, the hands/feet are then placed in a skin nourishing warm water soak) it was pleasant), which is what I received (mine was free during their soft opening but, I tipped nicely, of course) and $35.00 (for members). Beyond the Grounding Manicure/Pedicure, they also offer the “Enlightened Manicure/Pedicure and the “Vibrant Manicure/Pedicure” both including everything you receive in a Grounding session plus, sugared hand/ foot exfoliation, moisturizing hand treatments. As well as, an array of “amplified enhancements” and artistic elements like hand painting, chrome painting and nail appliqués including Swarovski crystals to glitter and “fairy dust.”   

Additionally, they offer a variety of monthly membership plans. Namaste expressed the ability to provide private parties and special events as well. Which has prompted the idea for me to have a small meditation and manicure event for my birthday in the summer, with a small group of my closest girlfriends or even schedule duo appointments for my Mom  and I for her annual Mother’s Day visit this year. I do know for now, I’ll be hitting them up again this weekend for a new manicure and some more meditation vibes.