Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder! Getty Images/Michael Putland, 1974 | Photo Edit by Fraîche Media

There’s more than one article that can say how we feel about the many ways in which, we love Stevie Wonder. From our childhoods to adulthood, there wasn’t a song that did not tap into the seam and tapestries of our lives. Mr. Wonder and his music are there for every emotion you feel. What could or would we do without Stevie Wonder’s music? That shouldn’t be a notion fathomedhe is truly a wonder. Stevie Wonder is a continuous bloom of perfectly embedded sonic solace, we all need, especially right now! Thank God we have him to celebrate and give his flowers at the ripe beautiful age of 70!

Happy Birthday to the amazing Stevie “Very Wonderful” Wonder! Play our Love Fraîche Presents: Stevie Wonder Cold Cuts Playlist below, of just a few of the songs we love (including some deep cuts) and celebrate Mr. Wonder through music with us.